Regalia and Documents


A major part of Guildry function is attendance at official Council and Craft celebrations, at which, some, or all of the following regalia will be worn;


Ex Lord Dean David Adam with ex Lord Dean Howard Price

This full length red wool garment, fashioned with white ermine trim was replaced in 2009.


Originally purchased in 1818 at a cost of £65, this heavy gold chain measures 21ft and is worn in several loops by the Lord Dean on ceremonial occasions. An appending gold medallion depicts the iconic 4XX symbol, which has been designed, as an insignia badge by Ms. Tina Watson, Lecturer at Duncan of Jordanston, Dundee University.

King John’s Charter 1299

One of the first acts made by King John during his first year of accession to the English throne was to grant Dundee merchants the privilege of free trade throughout all his lands with the exception of the City of London.


The Merchandis Letter 1515

As well as granting the Guildry additional powers over the Trade Crafts, this document also designated the taxes on goods for the upkeep of the altar at St Mary’s Church.

Diamond Jubilee Address

In 2012 this more recent document in conjunction with The Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee and the Three Incorporated Trades of Dundee was sent to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by the Guildry in recognition of her Diamond Jubilee.