In recent years, with financial assistance from one of the City’s charitable Trusts, the Guildry has embarked on a number of educational projects aimed at primary schools and the university. As far as the juniors are concerned, we liaise with the local authority to ensure complicity with their curriculum.  Starting in 2011, the emphasis was on immigration and its influences within the City.
In following years pupils have explored subjects from the Jute Industry and the Waterfront Development which required visits to project sites and the McManus Gallery to “Our Jobs, Then and Now” for which pupils visited present day factories, commercial undertakings and the museums of Dundee.
As well as winning trophies for their schools, every participating pupil received a personalised certificate with a short history of the Guildry on the reverse.

Bursaries to the Dundee School of Architecture commenced in 2012 and this support is well received by the students. Portfolio themes over the years have included – Rehabilitating offshore oil and gas platforms; The Waterfront of Dundee Vision; and  Regenerating Dundee and Rooms and Cities.

Both the primary school pupils and the students bring a great deal of flair and ingenuity to their works with results which are both innovative and exciting.